Five: The Letter

The Letter

The rain fell long and hard and oh so cold,
The evening clouds dark and gray,
He had to see her right away,
So in love with her, head over heels
Let her know just how he feels,
She left him there in the rain and in the cold,
Could her soul be so bold?
Her heart was empty and her eyes were shy,
She thought she would die,
She Loved him too, with all her heart, but–
He did not know how complicated it might be,
He just thought of her and it made him glee,
She could not let him know the truth, At least not yet.

She knew one day she’d make it right,
But for now she had to fight,
The time had come, no more delay,
Although she knew his Love might stray,
Got there just in time and let her know,
He could not deny his love would grow,
Her eyes lit up, her head tilted low,
She looked away, and then he left her there,
They both knew they made a perfect pair,
One day,
The timing would be right,
But tonight it did not feel right.


Artwork: Frank Cunha III | Poetry: Frank Cunha III | More Poetry

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