To Live a Life of Love is to Love the Life We Live: Tenderness of Mind, Body, and Soul | 03071202500316 — Collaboration by @FC3ZMD @Zorlone @FrankCunhaIII

Photo taken by Lorenzo Bernardino on (iPhone) - Philippines

I stand before You,
My conscious – clear,
Like glass,
Sins from flesh and mind, forgiven.
Now pure and sound.
Help me to unbound.
From this dust
Whence I came.
My Mind and Spirit roamed.

No longer,
Shall I thirst.
I am quenched from sin.
With Your Love and eternal space.
Forgiveness and tenderness abound.
I thrive,
And Live on Your sweet song.
Fit for a King,
A  King, shall I be?
My Mind, Body, and Soul touched by Your grace.

At Your side,
Shall accept a crown?
For peasants on Earth are we.
Nobility is what we all seek.
The Creator and us are one.
Of same Stuff,
Of same Particles,
Of same Energy.
Every moment big or small,
And those moments all in One.

Tender moments past and future,
What a delight,
To see the light so bright.

Now I live a life so full,
For my heart is filled with Love,
I will proclaim My Kingdom to All,
Because in God We are all One.
We are same now,
We are same forever,

Hate is gone,
Replaced by Joy,
But only when we Rejoice.

Faith in religion?
Belief in Oneself?
Without us, without God, without Love.
Hate only condemn ourselves,
God is Love,
Love is true,
Love is grand,
Love helps us be more kind.

To Live a life of Love
Is to Love the Life we Live.

Artwork: Lorenzo Bernardino | Poetry: Frank Cunha III & Lorenzo Bernardino

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“Eyes are Windows, Doors are Portals” by @GailGreenDesign

More inspiration from another fabulous person I met on Twitter, Gail Green…..

Similarly to “the eyes being the windows of the soul,” doors are the portals of the house through which one experiences a change of landscape, an insight into the beyond.  Not exactly an “Alice in Wonderland” experience, but a transformative one, where the homeowner sighs with relief that they have finally arrived – home!  Doors, whether entry or interior, create this passage, where the individual unhinges from his daily toils and enters another world, hopefully one of comfort and sometimes of surprise.  That, I suppose, is the “Wonderland” feature of doors; we are never quite sure what lies on the other side.  Doors create the “aha” moment for the perceiver, the rites de passage for the bride and groom, who symbolically cross over into another world, the unexpected.  And, more often than not, doors are the happy symbol of a welcome home and the life therein it represents.

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