MATT & CHAY – In Living Color

The “Thank You” card shot.

Red is for Good Luck!

Classic Wedding Photo!

Charina & Matt at the Alter – Queen of Peace Church in North Arlington NJ

After the Church ceremony we go to the Park in Glen Ridge for More Photos.


Walk to the park for more photos.  Chay got lots of hoots,
hollers, and beeps.  You can see why!

There is no such thing as a “small” Filipino wedding.
Location: Queen of Peace Church in North Arlington.

Matt & Chay in scenic Glenridge, NJ.

Best looking wedding cake figurines I ever saw.

Classic wedding scene.  Stay tuned for the color versions.


MATT & CHAY – Wedding Teaser

This is the second wedding I shot so far.  Taking photographs from an “Architect’s” point of view is fun (and even more fun when the bride and groom are both Architects too).  Matt and Chay are wonderful friends and I am glad that I got to spend their special day with them.  More photos to follow soon.