“A Woman” — A Collaboration by @Zorlone and @FrankCunhaIII

Through the hour glass

shaped wire

I make out a figure

of a woman.


In her form,

I can see the universe.

All the colors and shapes

that form

the space

around us are present

in her outline.


In the curves

I can make out each planet,

each cell,

and each subatomic particle.

She is the universe,

she is life!

Photo credits: Lorenzo Bernardino – Philippines

Photo credits: Lorenzo Bernardino – Philippines


Artwork: Lorenzo Bernardino  | Poetry: Frank Cunha III (reformatted/edited by L.B.) | More FC3 Poetry

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Nine: Looking Back

Looking Back

We had met over space and time
Meeting as life does in it’s rhythm of rhyme

I didn’t know him at first
He wouldn’t stop, expressing a thirst

Something about him drew him to me
It was like he was looking right straight through me

Seven thousand miles and a million years
As I look back in my memory, I remember tears

It was a love that wasn’t meant to be
The kind of love only expressed by strong affinity

Still I feel I can see him behind me
Slowly walking up to touch me

I shiver with thrill
Until I remember it isn’t real

But the pictures is clear
In my heart, he will always be near.


Artwork: Frank Cunha III | Poetry: Carl Watts | More Poetry

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Frank Cunha III 
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