Summer Sun Canopy

Looking up at Trellis taken Labor Day weekend at my parent’s house. (2010)

Macro – Sea Shell on a Wood Post

Sea Shell

Wood Post

Photos taken Labor Day weekend at my parent’s house. (2010)

Halloween 2010


Artwork of the Day

“Umbilical” (Masked Information)
Mixed Media – Magazine Collage & Adobe Photoshop
by: Frank Cunha III 

Photo of the Day

“Macro Fuzzy Little Flower Bud”
Photographed on 10/3/2010
by: Frank Cunha III

Dreamy Diana Lens

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You’ve got libraries full of flawless, uber professional, kick-ass magazine worthy photographs.

But despite the hundreds of dollars spent on whotzits and whatzits galore you’ve hit an artistic dead end.

Don’t fret photo friend! Even Thomas Kinkade gets tired of glowy lamp posts and elfish villages. You’re in a rut! And unlike Kinkade, you’ve got no mass produced art revenue to fall back on.

You do, however, have something far more reputable, The Dreamy Diana lens!

It’s a lovely plastic lens that transforms your beloved hunk of metal and glass into a digital toy camera. Yesiree you can now get that lovable Lo-fi “technology” on your digi cam from Lomography’s series of Diana plastic cameras.

Dianas are known for their low saturation, soft surreal blurs, and unpredictable colors.

Simply attach the plastic lens and its adapter directly onto your SLR’s body (Nikon or Canon) and shoot away. With one part Diana camera (old school lo-fi plastic) and one part modern DSLR you’ve got yourself one mighty fine recipe for unconventionally amazing photographs.

Buy yours here at, I did and I love it!


My Plastic Dream Come True

Dreamy Diana

Dreamy Diana

I just posted a new set on Flickr taken using my brand new “Dreamy Diana” plastic lens. This is my first set using the lens and hope to have more pics up soon.  The new lens and Nikon adapter (for my D90) just arrived yesterday from Photojojo.  Please click on the photo above or here to go to the set.

You can see the image flares and distortions because of the plastic lens.  The post-processed images were edited using Picnik (Exposure, Brighness, and Orton-ish). Because I normally shoot in automatic mode and the lens is plastic it forced me to constantly change the  shutter speed depending on the amount of light.

Can’t wait to shoot with it again!

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