Ignite and Soar by @FrankCunhaIII

As the intense passion of one’s soul ignites a tiny little spark in youth, it remains hidden in our own heart waiting for a special moment in time when it can be set free, perhaps a time when we are more mature and ready for the responsibility that comes from our untethered energy fueled by love, lust, and passion for one’s true destiny, as one continues to seek and find one’s self, in oneself, establishing ourselves and recreating one’s infinite identity uncensored through time and space, encouraging others to do the same, creating an uncontrollable fire so intense that it engulfs all other matter in a way unknown to our fellow human beings, which creates an entirely new world filled with love, hope, joy, as well as wealth and health for all our brothers and sisters, as we continue to search for our own self identity in others, it is deeply buried in our own heart and soul, suppressed by the firefighting bureaucrats that remain in control until this very moment of undeniable ignition, this moment in time.  Created in our thought in youth, now realized at the appropriate time, when nothing else can be lost, we have everything to gain and conquer.  All I ask of you now is to assist me by blowing ever so gently, yet intensely into my sails as I lift up high above this earth, and I promise to do the same for you.  This journey is not one that we can go on alone, although it is in this state of loneliness from which we enter and depart this cold world.  We long for those brief moments in our lives when we touch others in ways which cannot be described here (but I know you know what I’m talking about).  In these moments we find our life, our eternal flame which can never be put out, less of all by them, and as they continue to try, they soon find that the flame is ignited even brighter and much, much stronger with the help of our true friends.  You know who you are and I’m eternally grateful for your love and support and want you to know when you feel most alone, you can feel my warm breath of love and encouragement for you, because although we are born and die alone, there are these few moments when we truly connect with a special few people, you know who you are.  Ignite the fire within and have the strength and courage to be you, I will help lift you high in flight to help you soar, higher and higher, as we learn to live the life we should, when we follow that tiny little spark created a long time ago. That is who you are, this is who I am.  Individually, we succeed, moment to moment, but together we build a fire so intense that no army can fight, the spark of love will light our way and lift our souls, glory and gratitude transform, hearts soar. Be true to your soul and let your flame guide your way upward beyond the clouds.

(Photo “Above the Moon You Can Soar!” taken by Frank Cunha III on January 18, 2010)

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Architecture in Motion

Riverside Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

When I think of the “flow” of a space the first image to come to mind is the motion of the occupant and how he or she experiences the space.  Of course the building itself (and/or site) can have a flow as well (visual flow) both outside with the facade (think strong horizontal/vertical features, or curved forms of aluminum panels for example) or inside with the finishes (think flow of flooring material/texture from one space to another), but to me the perception of the space through movement has a greater impact on the occupant’s perception and experience of the space.  If the “space” is correctly designed by someone who understands the flows of a particular building type, it will certainly make for a joyous experience for the occupant.  When this not the case the occupant will feel uneasy and will not be able to have a pleasant experience.  A seasoned designer will be able to work simultaneously in plan and section to develop a design concept that will result in proper flow for the type of function being asked of the space that he/she is creating.  When the layout of the space, the material/textures used, the colors used, the use of light, and the flow of movement of  are properly executed the space just feels right.

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Attention Deficit Disorder – Designing Every 2 to 3 Minutes

A.D.D. may be over diagnosed these days (especially in schools), but during Architecture School one of my professors wanted my friend to see how long I could stay at my drafting table (remember those? I’m dating myself here, although my class may have been one of the last to use them).  After a few minutes I would get restless, now with social media I can work on several things at once which satisfies the A.D.D.

What we discovered (after several all-nighters) was a direct link between where I lived and the airplane “noise” I would hear subconsciously (after living under the flight zone my entire life my consciousness had completely tuned it out).  I used the timing of the flights (every 2 to 3 minutes) to help inform my Architectural design theories.  For example;

Recording Apparatus

New York City Recording Apparatus

Here is a map of where I grew up:

Where I grew up and lived for close to 30-years

A Closer Look

Perhaps this helps shed some light on how I operate!


Eleven: Night’s Illusions

Night’s Illusions

It seems it is all a dream
A pleasant mishmash of confusion
I was fine when I went to sleep
Now the pictures flash like an illusion

Beauty of body very bold
Images sharp over laid in folds
Sensuous, desirable, a story told
A woman’s beauty never grows old

The gentle brush of scented hair
Color, thoughts flashing about
Warmth and excitement fill the air
How will this dream work out?

Another flash, a clashing sound
The alarm set to kill dreams
Brilliant images falling all around
Back to sleep, should I try?

Try learn the girls name?
Get up and start my day?
I suspect I’ll never be the same
Not after meeting, the girls with no name


Artwork: Frank Cunha III | Poetry: Carl Watts | More Poetry

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Nine: Looking Back

Looking Back

We had met over space and time
Meeting as life does in it’s rhythm of rhyme

I didn’t know him at first
He wouldn’t stop, expressing a thirst

Something about him drew him to me
It was like he was looking right straight through me

Seven thousand miles and a million years
As I look back in my memory, I remember tears

It was a love that wasn’t meant to be
The kind of love only expressed by strong affinity

Still I feel I can see him behind me
Slowly walking up to touch me

I shiver with thrill
Until I remember it isn’t real

But the pictures is clear
In my heart, he will always be near.


Artwork: Frank Cunha III | Poetry: Carl Watts | More Poetry

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Eight: Sunset


Sparks fly,
The glow of the sunset penetrated the unfinished dome,
An amulet for luck on her breast made of chrome,
Quick breaths heave from her chest when she sees him near,
The woman he loves has come to see him here,
This time it will be different because it is known,
Her love is true, he has come to know that it has grown,
They made something together piece by piece,
The foundation stone has been set,
He knew it was meant to be since the first day they met,
Her neck so soft, her hair wrapped high,
Her lips all a quiver, eyes like waves reflected in the clear blue sky,
Made him thirst for another embrace,
His heart pumped up and started to race,
She waited for the glow to come to a still,
That moment when the dusk sets in and the nighttime begins.


Artwork & Poetry: Frank Cunha III | More Poetry

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Frank Cunha III 
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