Chris from TheChrisVossShow.Com

I just took my relationship with Chris to the next level.

I have been following Chris Voss of TheChrisVossShow.Com ever since we connected on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  Today I had  a real treat because we got to chat for about an hour or so.  If you haven’t heard of Chris, you should really check out his website TheChrisVossShow.Com.  What is impressive is the number of people who follow Chris all over the web, his website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Buzz, and beyond.  Chris was very friendly, just like in his video blogs and although he is a master salesman, he was in no way pushy and like on his blog and video blogs he was very informative and was willing to share alot with me for free.  Once I follow the tips he gave me I hope to follow up with him to see if we can hook up and work on my marketing strategies to grow my FC3 “Brand” across the marketplace — in Architecture, Design, and Construction, but also with my PhotoGraphic Artwork.   If you are unfamilar with what I do click the “About” and “Contact Me” buttons above or go to my website  If you are looking to expand your social networking brand you have to talk to Chris, he is not only the pioneer the experts go to but he is a great guy, very easy to talk to.

Have a great day!

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