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I Am Only Fanatical About Family

I have to admit I am NOT a sports fanatic.  I like to watch an occasional game (preferably live if possible).  I enjoy watching everything from basketball to NASCAR to hockey, but I would rather play than watch.  Maybe it’s because my father IS a sports nut (does anyone else know what is going on in cricket and handball in addition to ever known sport known to man)?  BUT…. When it comes to raising my three sons I am a total fanatic.  I even became a baseball coach to help out my oldest son’s coach (I used to coach soccer and was a camp counsel many years ago so it wasn’t a stretch, but still…).  One of the coolest, spiritual feelings I ever got as a parent so far was playing catch with Frankie Jr. in a game situation (yes thoughts of the next Tom Seaver or Cy Young did cross my mind, but it was much, much more than that).  It was his first time pitching and I got to be his catcher.  There was a feeling that I cannot completely understand but it felt like a deep connection that could only come from the repetition of playing catch with your son.  I felt at that moment that nothing else mattered and that to me there would be little that could compare to that feeling.  I hope there are many more moments like that one, with all my sons over the years.  That moment also reminded me of a spiritual connection I made a while back when I was running along the Hudson River through a forested area on the NJ side and I felt a strong spiritual presence running along side of me.  It’s very difficult to replicate these moments in our lives but (now) I definitely feel that playing sports helps connect a father and a son and builds roots that will last a lifetime.  A few weeks ago I managed to capture a handful of photographs when we were playing catch.  There’s a bunch of cool shots and I want to share this one with you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Meet the Cunha Boys

Hockey Hair Cuts Before Thanksgiving

Before the Boys got their Thanksgiving haircuts I wanted to memorialize their golden locks.
Don’t let their good looks fool, you these kids are tough like hockey players.  Happy Thanksgiving!