Precedents in Architectural Composition: Measured Drawing at the Morris-Jumel Mansion Drawing Course for Architects & Students Hosted by ICAA

Great opportunity to earn 6 AIA LUs and 6 Credits Toward the Certificate in Classical Architecture.  New York City Event, September 21 & 22, 2018.  Follow link below for additional information about the event.   The course is intended for both students and seasoned architects, as drawings can be tailored to experience level. No specific artist training is required. Basic pencil drawing and drafting skills are recommended, including knowledge of the use of an architectural scale and tape measure. A passion for classical architecture and a love of drawing are required.

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is a nonprofit membership organization committed to promoting and preserving the practice, understanding, and appreciation of classical design.


“Regarding Roman Buildings, I began to measure all their parts minutely and with the greatest care. I became so assiduous an investigator of such things that, being unable to find anything that was not made with fine judgment and beautiful proportions. I repeatedly visited various parts of Italy and abroad in order to understand the totality of buildings from their parts and commit them to drawings.”
– Andrea Palladio, Forward to The Four Books on Architecture

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Parachute Pavilion (Coney Island, New York) Designed by @FC3ARCHITECT


The Parachute Pavilion is located on the boardwalk edge of the former Steeplechase Park site adjacent to “Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower” (a 262-foot-high Parachute Jump, which is a New York City designated landmark since 1989) and KeySpan Park. The pavilion encompasses the entire 7,800 SF footprint.


The Parachute Pavilion boosts a two-story indoor/ outdoor Restaurant, kitchen, bar, and restrooms accessible from the existing boardwalk. On the lower level is a Multi-use Exhibition/Event Space (a flexible and revenue producing space for private and public exhibits and events) and four offices (for city agencies or local advocacy groups). The store sells Coney Island and Parachute Jump souvenirs, surfing gear, and fishing supplies.


The form from which this building was developed was inspired by all things American – apple pie, baseball, hotdogs on the boardwalk, the (feeling of) Fourth of July, and Rock-and-Roll. After visiting the site, a 4-minute 14-second video using the still images of the trip was produced. The moving images were accompanied by Jimi Hendrix’s “Star-spangled Banner” (August 17, 1969 recording), which affected the transitions from image-to-image (because a moving photo editing filter was used). The still images from the video were used to create figure-grounds, which were explored using a series photo editing filtering techniques.

The final diagram was placed on the given site to respect the historic Parachute Jump. The building opens itself to “create” and “frame” views much like the “filtering process” used to develop the building form. The occupants of the pavilion will sense the presence (and omnipresence) of the jump structure while flowing through the “filtering” spaces as shadows dance on the floors through the 3-dimensional light wells, from the upper level down to the lower level. Materials and finishes tie new with old.  Outside and inside are blurred and intertwined by elegant glass walls.

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We would love to hear from you on what you think about this post.  We sincerely appreciate all your comments.

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