Two: Hot Desiree

Hot Desiree

I watched her walk up feeling the affinity
She was young and showing plenty
A very attractive hot little lass
Warm to look at, with a cute little…

A woman no less, not a girl child
She was strutting her stuff, strutting with style
Her garb was cut to pull attention
Her beauty needed no mention

She was the very center of attraction
Her presence alone caused a warm reaction
The men couldn’t seem to look away
You could tell this beauty made it that way

No sag anywhere in sight
This young lady was right
Some man was going to get lucky some day
This delicious morsel would make it that way

Ah but a sight
Warms one with delight
Too bad I couldn’t stay
And watch her all day.


Artwork: Frank Cunha III | Poetry: Carl Watts | More Poetry

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“Gothic CMC_Remember04” 

In psychology, memory is an organism’s ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences. Traditional studies of memory began in the fields of philosophy, including technique of artificially enhancing the memory. The late nineteenth and early twentieth century put memory within the paradigms of cognitive psychology. In recent decades, it has become one of the principal pillars of a branch of science called cognitive neuroscience, an interdisciplinary link between cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

She’s So Hot . . . . Minolta Kodak Film

She's So Hot . . . . Minolta Kodak Film

She's So Hot . . . . Minolta Kodak Film

Artwork of the Day – August 17, 2010

This is a negative of a photo taken with my film Minolta SLR.  It’s fun to discover ART by rediscovering old Film.

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