Balthazar Korab (R.I.P. 1926 – 2013)

Balthazar Korab (born 1926 – died 2013) was a photographer based in Detroit, Michigan specializing in architectural, art and landscape photography. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, and migrated to France after fleeing from Hungary’s communist government in 1949. At the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France, he completed a diploma of architecture in 1954. For a time, he was a journeyman under the direction of leading European architects, including Le Corbusier.

In 1955, Korab arrived in the United States, and Eero Saarinen employed him to photograph the architectural design process. The architectural community in Detroit has embraced Korab’s career, and many firms have retained him to document their building and private home projects. In 1956 he was awarded fourth place in the international design competition for the Sydney Opera House. In 1994, American President Bill Clinton presented a portfolio of Balthazar Korab’s photography to Árpád Göncz, the president of Hungary.

Korab died on January 15, 2013 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He is survived by his wife Monica and two children, Christian and Alexandra.

Korab-Modernism-Photo-01 Korab-Modernism-Photo-02 Korab-Modernism-Photo-03 Korab-Modernism-Photo-04 Korab-Modernism-Photo-05 Korab-Modernism-Photo-06 Korab-Modernism-Photo-07

All images from “Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography” by John Comazzi; Princeton Architectural Press

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Overlapping Lines | 0313201222562304 — Collaboration by @FC3ZMD @Zorlone @FrankCunhaIII

Photo taken by Frank Cunha III on March 11, 2010 – USA (using iPhone 4S, originally edited using “Snapseed” App) | Re-Edited using “Pic Collage” by Lorenzo Bernardino – Philippines |

Photo taken by Frank Cunha III on March 11, 2010 – USA (using iPhone 4S, originally edited using “Snapseed” App) | Re-Edited using “Pic Collage” by Lorenzo Bernardino – Philippines |

I stood
At the
Of a sharp
Fence of shadows
Careful not to get wounded
Careful not to bleed.

I was lost temporarily
From the presence
Of overlapping lines
Of spheres
And swords
And daggers
And of mistakes.

There could be more
Of these picket fences
Of these thin soldiers
Of these dark knights
That stood on ground
To protect
To defend
To throw
Their lives.

They stood
Still and firm
In attention
Of the lines

Artwork: Frank Cunha III Edited by: Lorenzo Bernardino| Poetry: Lorenzo Bernardino

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Some More Trees – Photographic Art


The First Day is the Hardest

We all have difficult days but normally the first day of our lives is the day we face our greatest challenges. With every new day and every new challenge comes new opportunities. I am frequently reminded of my father‘s favorite saying “Take One Day at a Time, Son” when I am having a trying day. Usually, the stress of thinking about the problems and challenges we are facing proves to be actually more difficult than the problems themselves. Although it is often difficult to do, it is important to face each new day (and opportunity) like our “First Day.” After all, if we could make it then, we can definitely make it now. With each new “First Day” comes a renewed sense of hope, faith, and endless opportunities to face our challenges, conquer our fears, and lead ourselves to a successful future. One of my best friends just had a baby and their little guy reminded me that the human will to persevere is probably one of our greatest assets if we could only learn to see the simple truths in our lives and focus on what is most important we would all be better off.  The following are some pics of the little guy right after he was born.  Also check out pics of mom and dad, (the Bride and Groom on their wedding day).

Snow Scene

Snow Scene

Snow Scene – Close-Up

Took these two photos on the way home from taking the kids to the local YMCA for floor hockey and soccer.

Summer Sun Canopy

Looking up at Trellis taken Labor Day weekend at my parent’s house. (2010)

Hockey Hair Cuts Before Thanksgiving

Before the Boys got their Thanksgiving haircuts I wanted to memorialize their golden locks.
Don’t let their good looks fool, you these kids are tough like hockey players.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Artwork of the Day

Being an Architect who is an aspiring Artist & Photographer I feel like this collage/montage demonstrates the ability of the Architect’s eye to capture light, shapes, and textures of the city on a new and interesting way. I hope that by experimenting with my skills as an Architect/Artist/Photographer I can offer a new perspective on things to my audience. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do.