Two Hulls House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

Two Hulls House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects
Nova Scotia, Canada - Photo by Clifford A. Pearson

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Between the Sea and the Sky: Evoking maritime images and experiences from the architects’ past, a house for a young family reaches out to the water.

By Clifford A. Pearson

Most architects say they start each project with a blank slate. Brian MacKay-Lyons, though, talks about creating a body of work over 27 years; he isn’t afraid of describing a new design as “consistent.” “You build on the shoulders of the project before, so you get a little better each time. I haven’t gotten tired of that,” says MacKay-Lyons, who practices with partner Talbot Sweetapple in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The architects stress “place, craft, and community” in shaping their buildings. In their part of the world that means “it’s always going to be a box,” states MacKay-Lyons, explaining that in a climate that shifts from freeze to thaw about 250 times a year, icicles will form on eaves and simple lines work best. “Then we cut openings in the box like Matta-Clark going at it with a chain saw.

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Store Front Photomontage

NYC Collage created by FC3
Vitra NYC Photo taken by FC3
Model: Hedy
Model Photo taken by Ant777 Photos

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Beautiful Stranger [NYC Highline] Part 2

Beautiful Stranger [NYC Highline]

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
(February 27, 1932-March 23, 2011)

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Also known as Liz Taylor
an English/American actress 

Photo of the Day

Cute Urbanism

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Beach Boy at the Jersey Shore

Beach Boy at the Jersey Shore

Beach Boy at the Jersey Shore

Photo of the Day – August 20, 2010

This photograph was taken at Point Pleasant Beach in NJ earlier this summer.  I edited the background a bit, click here for the original.

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