College Hall (In Progress)

“To be able to finally work on the design and construction of College Hall after working at Montclair State University since 2000 has been one of the greatest milestones of my career. The building’s rich history and status as an icon for the university has allowed us to create a unique brand for our campus and the student’s we serve. Finally, after more than a century of use this tired building will be restored in all its glory to continue to serve as our our new “student services center” to enhance the student experience.  It will continue to be our flagship and icon for another 100 years.”

– Frank Cunha III
University Architect


It’s Back to the Future for Montclair State’s Iconic College Hall

Project Information: Click Here to Learn More

My Role: University Facilities, University Architect

Architect of Record: HMR Architects

Client: Montclair State University, Student Development and Campus Life 

Phase 1 Construction Schedule: 2017-2018

Phase 2 Construction Schedule: 2018-2020

Phase 2 Status Update: Construction Documents; Plan Review & Bidding

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