ILMA of the Week: Peter Eisenman



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2 Comments on “ILMA of the Week: Peter Eisenman”

  1. taraimani says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for creating these glimpses of notable architects.

    Peter Eisenman was an architect at The Ohio State University from 1983 to 1989; I was a student there at that time.

    He also co-designed, along with respected local architect Richard Trott, The Wexner Center (namd after its primary donor Les Wexner who started The Limited and Victoria’s Secret, etc. ).

    The Wexner Center (a gallery and lecture space that also held music theory classes) was a controversial design. The site was the terminus of a grand street, 17th avenue that descended into High St., the campus’s main dragstrip, from “Sorority Row.”

    Despite Mr.Eisenman’s ultra Modern beginnings, the Wexner Center design was PostModern and one design Professor explained how it was conceived using the campus grid skewed to the City’s grid.

    It affected me as a commuter student: less close parking and lots of congestion.

    In retrospect, I wish Mr. Eisenman would have found time to walk through our senior design studios and say hello… Instead, I never saw hide nor hair of him even once from 1982-1987, save for perhaps one extracurricular lecture I might have attended.

    He remains as mysterious to me as the thinking behind what could have been a very rich building.


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