Modern Retreat in Argentina, “Casa BB” by BAK Arquitectos

Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-113 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-112 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-111 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-110 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-109 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-108 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-107 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-106 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-105 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-104 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-103 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-102 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-101 Casa-BB-BAK-Arquitectos-0

The design of this house is a continuation of a ‘building in the forest’ research done by BAK arquitectos, which started in 2004 with the design of their first house in Mar Azul. The architects examine the possibility of building without losing the environmental quality of the site, proposing alternatives to ensure the survival of natural environments. This involves a Minimal Architecture in terms of not only of form but in materials and particularly minimum site intervention. This is achieved by ‘listening to the forest’ and what the site tries to communicate, along with practicing ‘seeing for the first time’ on behalf of the architects.

The low budget along with the no maintenance requirement set the aesthetic and construction limitations of the project. High compact, waterproof, fair faced concrete provided the necessary insulation and covered the no maintenance factor. The use of glass captures natural light and allows views of the landscape in all directions.

Casa JD has two bedrooms with the flexibility to transform part of the large living/dining space into a third one, a kitchen as well as generous outdoor spaces. The design concept is based on two intersecting prisms situated on a naturally inclined site within the trees, in this way hiding part of its volume. The trees seem to penetrate the house as wood, along with concrete, is a predominant feature of its interior. Wooden steps and a deck lead to the living room. Wooden sliding panels provide a seamless continuation of the exterior and the interior. This level of access is a unique space where different uses are defined by height differences caused by the intersection of prisms and cross sections of concrete walls. Except for the beds, couches and chairs the rest of the equipment of this housing is concrete cast.

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2 Comments on “Modern Retreat in Argentina, “Casa BB” by BAK Arquitectos”

  1. wonderful post and such a beautiful home and design….” ‘listening to the forest’ and what the site tries to communicate” I love this line….this is what my uncle did when building his MCM home in the woods outside of Iowa City in 1969


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