Simple and Pure, “A House for All Seasons” by Architect John Lin

This 4,100-square-foot, one-story house located in Shijia village, a province of Shaanxi, China, was completed in March 2012. Its concrete-column structure and mud-brick walls are surrounded by a perforated brick screen for daylight and ventilation.  The kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathroom are interspersed with four courtyards for pigs and an underground biogas system that produces energy for cooking. “The house becomes an example of self-reliance,” writes Architect John Lin.

House-For-All-Seasons-11 House-For-All-Seasons-12 House-For-All-Seasons-13 House-For-All-Seasons-1 House-For-All-Seasons-2 House-For-All-Seasons-3 House-For-All-Seasons-4 House-For-All-Seasons-5 House-For-All-Seasons-6 House-For-All-Seasons-7 House-For-All-Seasons-8 House-For-All-Seasons-10

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