The 10 most unusual things we’ve been asked to design so far, What About You? by @WJMArchitect and @FrankCunhaIII

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Every designer has been given some unusual things to design – Here are some of our favorites.

-Bill & Frank


10) “Man –cave” type room for woman called an “Estro-den”.  Like a home office room for sewing, knitting, wet bar, 3 DVR mega video storage with disappearing TV in sewing cabinet.

9) Elevator that took you straight up to the attic “man-cave” from the first floor family room.

8) Office with an exterior door to a Japanese garden at the end of an airport runway.  So quiet you could hear a plane drop.

7) Powder room with mirrors covering every inch of wall surface including the floor and the ceiling.

6) Complete kitchen inside master suite.  Door to master suite could only be opened with a key from either side.  Second marriage for man, first marriage for woman, He had custody of his previous kids.  Kids were hard on the new wife, thus the locking master suite.

5) Recycling chute to drop recyclables from upstairs bedrooms into the basement.

4) Kids fort in attic space above entrance.

3) Design screened room addition for the family cat, with cat door, grass, window shelves for kitty bird observation activities.

2) Underground tunnel from house to garage

1) Kevlar bulletproof glass at counter with shot-gun slot to shoot “would’be” criminals.

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4 Comments on “The 10 most unusual things we’ve been asked to design so far, What About You? by @WJMArchitect and @FrankCunhaIII”

  1. Mary says:

    In 1979 employed as a junior Architect in a practice in Northern Ireland…my boss requested I design a 19th Century Monument to Queen Victoria!…
    … previous Monument had been blown up 3 weeks beforehand!…

    Presenting my design and construction drawings of a new N.I. bonded warehouse at a subsequent job interview in London UK …..the practice Principal asked me how the building had weathered?……
    “It had”ent”…..I replied truthfully..

    alas ..for that “oeuve” too was blown up 3 months after on-site completion.
    …..ahmm……er…….not… as a result of my “fabulous et interesting” design……honest?…


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    on this post. I’ll be returning to your blog for more soon.


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