ABC Museum, Illustration and Design Center by Aranguren + Gallegos Architects

Spanish Architects Arranguren & Gallegos have converted a brewery in Madrid into a museum with an underground gallery and triangular windows.

The Colección ABC gathers the works of more than 1,500 artists of all styles, techniques and tendencies, with nearly 200,000 pieces. Following the collection’s development throughout its history will enable substantiating the consolidation of the most important illustrators, the role played by certain artists of the highest relevance, the diverse changes of taste and the different historical and social events narrated through these media.


This is a stunning project. I love the simplicity of the “plain” base below superimposed by the magnificence of the triangulation forms above. It definitely defines it’s self, like a billboard sign (Read Venturi’s: Learning from Las Vegas)


The juxtaposition of the modern forms placed in the old worn down historical context really turns me on.  Very sexy indeed.


I would love to come around the corner and see this spectacle.


These details are well thought out and planned for a strong unifying design concept.


Simple Elegance


Great way to make a big impact on a tight urban site.  The bright white modern forms really pop within its context.


The simple section is a bit deceiving.  The latice structure empowers the design and informs the overall look of the project.


Love, love, love taking the forms from the facade and applying them to the plaza in a new way.


Roof Plan: The overall uniform design concept comes through in the skylights above.  Very sharp.


This is a great space for chance encounters.


At night, the modern white lattice glows in soft blue, in bitter contrast to the bright red and white lights from the automobiles driving past as if to mark time.

Space and Form!

Again, the strength of this design is in it’s simplicity – an application of the facade, similar to the Italian plazas from long ago.  There is something timeless about how the spaces and forms speak to one another – The facde, the bridge, the plaza.

The Plan: Simple Modern Elegance.

Architects: Aranguren & Gallegos Architects
Location: Madrid, Spain Client: Grupo Vocento

Photos courtesy of Photographer João Pereira de Sousa AND Photographer Jesús Granada

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One Comment on “ABC Museum, Illustration and Design Center by Aranguren + Gallegos Architects”

  1. you are right…definitely sexy compared to the neighborhood….great post!


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