Art Inspired by Hurricane Sandy





Oil pastels on black paper.

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Frank Cunha III
I Love My Architect – Facebook

P.O. Box 335, Hamburg, NJ 07419
mobile: 201.681.3551
direct: 973.970.3551
fax: 973.718.4641
Licensed in NJ, NY, PA, DE, CT.

8 Comments on “Art Inspired by Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Drawings very moving…
    these pictures speak volumes…
    continuing to keep you in thoughts + prayers~


  2. enlightenedbear78 says:

    Absolutely love your work – stunning


  3. Frank, I appreciate you sharing your artwork with us. I see it’s your art therapy! Your first image is a marriage between the weather & the land. This is very personal to you as I see you have used the female form as the landscape. That gives the duality between humanity & weather both can be peaceful or volatile.

    Image two has the impending impact beginning to arrive. Think maybe you could have taken the blue water striations where it peaks & dropped down into the red swirls by reversing that pyramid. That would have made a more fluid construction of the concept. A way to pull the eye in further.

    Image three is a gut wrench of the reality of what a major impact the storm had done. It brought the city to it’s knees. It might have even further brought the reality of part of the city was now in the water, if you could have brought more white of the city into the water but in a constructive format. Much like I was trying to tell you about the ocean in Image two.

    Now then my very favorite Image four! I absolutely love seeing how you have used the structures of the roller coaster, the boardwalk & byways made into a heart! The eye within the heart! This image yeilds many stories that one wants to hear! But, it seems to be caressed by red ostrich feathers. That lends the imagery of a maternal instinct for rebirth! A harkening back to that female landscape form in your first image.

    Very good work on expressions of the various stages of the storm from the passionate perspective eye of the artist riding through the turbulence. This is remeniscent of past artists strapping themselves to ship masts to get the birds eye view of riding through storms. That gave birth to Impressionist. To express emotion through color.

    Thanks again for sharing your outstanding pieces with us!
    Marlena Nadeau


    • fc3arch says:

      Thank you Marlena for that awesome curation. Your words describe my art better than I could have myself! I truly appreciate you stopping by to read my blog and especially for leaving such thoughtful, insightful comments on my art.


      • Your very welcome. If you need to use my comments in any way, I give you permission. BUT, I might like to drop off the criticism & restructure the commentary a little bit for any publication that you would like to use it in. If that would be ok with you.

        You might consider getting these done in gel print and get these on the market.


    • fc3arch says:

      I would like that very much – maybe I will add below each image — Thank you so much! You made my day!


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