What is the #EarthPyramid Project?

Project Mission

The aim of the Earth Pyramid project is to create a monument that every nation and an entire generation of the world’s children can contribute to. With the many issues the world is facing it is now more important than ever for us to start working together to educate and prepare our children for the challenges they will be facing in their lifetimes.

Aided by modern technology the world has never been more connected and it’s a great time in history to try and get the world working together and discussing these issues.

The Earth Pyramid’s mission is to act as a focal point for learning about other countries around the world and to look at how our actions and inactions today will affect the future our children will inherit. By connecting a generation of the world’s children we hope this shared bond will create a greater understanding of other cultures and encourage a generation to be united in tackling and supporting each other in future decision making and actions. If we combine our efforts as a planet it will be amazing to see what the power of a united generation can achieve.

This monument will be a celebration of our world with its many cultures and although it won’t bring about world peace or solve the many issues our planet is facing it will help to educate and give people a chance to connect on a global scale.


Desmond Tutu  Bryan Bounds

Charline Evans  Jean Pierre Houdin

Vincent Brown  David Stone

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A Few Testimonials

I think your project is interesting and inspiring…………………..
Kaj Leo Johannesen (Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands)

We have found your project very interesting and will be very glad to be a part of it……………….
Rakotozafy Herizo (Political Adviser, Government of Madagascar)

H.E. the President found your idea to be very innovative and interesting and would like Timor Leste to be part of this creative experiment…………………….
Gregório de Sousa (Chief of Staff, Government of Timor Leste)

The aim of the project to strengthen bonds between different cultures and capture some of the history of participating countries is a laudable. We support this project and are happy for the Cayman Islands to participate.
Duncan Taylor (Governor of the Cayman Islands)

We would be delighted for the Isle of Man to be involved in this project……………..
Tony Brown (Chief Minister, Isle of Man)

Your project is a wonderful initiative and we would like to be a part of it………
Jean-Paul Adam (Secretary of State, Republic of Seychelles)

Click here for additional information about this project and click here if you would like to share your ideas.

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2 Comments on “What is the #EarthPyramid Project?”

  1. billybadbird says:

    awesome project Frank – You are an earth saver!


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