Temporary Setbacks, Bureaucratic Regulations, and Inter-Disciplinary Cross-Training by @FrankCunhaIII

Sometimes things don’t go our way.

Sometimes things take a turn for the worst.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where things can’t get worse (can they?).

When a person reaches a certain level of despair, there is no place else to go but up.

When things appear bleak and hopeless, that is when we must muster up all our courage and inner strength and believe in ourselves.

We have been training hard at what we do.

We have been practicing, honing our skills.

We have been preparing for something better, our own personal best for a while now.

Then along comes the non-elected officials of an organization implementing a brand new set of  rules, laws, and functions.

Just when we start getting into a rhythm, they change the rules (again)….

Even through the darkest and thickest forest of bureaucracy there are rays of hope that can re-light the fire in our hearts to help us see our way through. (Photo: Frank Cunha III)

That is where we must face the new challenges.

Change our patterns of behavior!

Like an athlete training in sports other than the one he/she competes in with a goal of improving overall performance, we too must take advantage of the particular effectiveness of each training method (outside of our own expertise), while at the same time attempting to negate the shortcomings of that method by combining it with other methods that address its weaknesses.

Inter-disciplinary cross-training involves the combining of two or more disciplines into one activity (e.g. a research project, competition, etc).  It is about creating something brand new that the world has never seen before.  We do this by crossing boundaries, and thinking across them.  (Think peanut butter and jelly (or chocolate), Abraham Lincoln and Vampires, to name a few, and this Architectural reference by Bernard Tschumi.)

Persist, adapt, evolve, and Succeed!

That is the only way to come out ahead!

Like a wide-eyed babe we mus allow the glimmer of light an hope to fill our hearts and lift our souls! (Photo: Frank Cunha III)

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2 Comments on “Temporary Setbacks, Bureaucratic Regulations, and Inter-Disciplinary Cross-Training by @FrankCunhaIII”

  1. Janet Davis says:

    I found this article very helpful. I agree with and value your insite. Thanks for the inspiration! Janet


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