Filipino Culture And Street Food | 03131208080900 — Collaboration by @FC3ZMD @Zorlone @FrankCunhaIII

Photo by Zorlone – Philippines Edited by Frank Cunha using Snapseed and Photoshop — USA

Figures, forms, random, and repetitive,
Sequences of space and time –
shape stories.
Seeing, being, and occupying space.
She senses the essence of being there –
from here.

On her device,

she loosely listens,
distantly distracted,

Looking and being, mind, body, and soul collapse.
Sequences of space and time.
Patterns forming,
and changing.

Calls dropped, missed, and gotten, but never forgotten.

Her cell phone glistens, cover cracked,

Soul retracted.
The other person listens.

She talks,
and stops….

Patterns remain, shapes broken,
love ones born, and love ones lost,


Sequences of space and time come and go,
Her phone call – done,
her essence – gone.
Soul patterns on the floor,
only her soles,

Artwork: Lorenzo Bernardino Edited by Frank Cunha III | Poetry by Frank Cunha III & Lorenzo Bernardino

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Frank Cunha III
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