Art And Poetry By My Friend Karen Glosser @kglosserdesigns

We are always pleased when our online friends agree to an interview on our blog.  Our latest Expose features my colleague and friend, Karen Glosser, who creates mixed metal and stone jewelry with a modern edge in Chautauqua NY.

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” -Ben Sweetland (Photo by Karen Glosser)

KG Portrait (Artwork by Frank Cunha III)

Seeing your new photo art each day is inspiring.  Can you tell us about your latest artwork?

Thank you so much!  My photographs are something that I use as inspiration in my life and as a tool to help me design and create as a jewelry artist.   I carry my camera with me always, everywhere.  It’s amazing how my perception of everyday life has changed since I’ve started to look through the lens of a camera. There is so much beauty everywhere- all around us!

Can you explain your artistic process?  Which artists/photographers are you influenced by?

Because I always have my camera ready, I take a lot of pictures. I usually don’t go out looking for certain subjects or topics. When I see something that strikes me, I take a few shots. Then, periodically, or when I am designing a new collection, I go back through and I often notice themes running through my photos. I use this as a jumping off point for design inspiration.

Can you explain your artistic process?  Which artists/photographers are you influenced by?

I am greatly influenced by art.  Color is a huge inspiration for me, so I love to spend time in galleries and museums, online, or reading books. My favorite artists are Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still. Their use of color is masterful. I also find great design and life inspiration from Simon Alcantara, a genius jewelry designer. As far as photography?

I find great inspiration from the photos of the amazing Frank Cunha III !!!

Have you ever considered publishing an ebook of your work?

As a matter of fact, no.  I never have. Hmmmm….

I am glad we put that thought in your head!

How has social media changed your life?  Does your family support it?

Where do I begin? Social media is huge for me. I have met some of the most incredibly creative, talented, supportive, fun people through this medium. I live in a very small town, and yet I feel that I can go anywhere in the world on any given day just by logging in!

My family is extremely supportive of what I do. They give me the love and caring that I need, every single day, in order to create. I could never do what I do without them. They are my soul.

What are some of your most memorable shots?  What artistic projects are you working on?
I have a number of shots that are personal favorites, for various reasons. They may remind me of a specific moment or place that I captured or sometimes I just love the colors. A number of them are included in the slideshow.

How do you balance your work like, home life, and social media presence?
I am currently in the middle of designing a new jewelry collection that is directly inspired by a theme of dominant colors I found running through my recent photos.

I don’t! Whatever takes precedence on any given day is what gets done. It always seems to work out.  I am fortunate that my studio is in my home, so it makes things much easier.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How can my readers see more of your work or contact you online?

They can check out “Karen Glosser Designs” on Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr.

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Frank Cunha III
I Love My Architect – Facebook

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