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I wanted to share one of my dearest Twitter supporters and friends, Sophia Fine who is a Fine Arts graduate.  She successfully completed her independent studies in Florence, Italy and was recognized and awarded for her contributions to Literature and Drama. Now she is well-respected in the art-community and is involved in various art shows, solo expositions, and selling her original artwork both in America and overseas.  Click here for more on Sophia and how to contact her online if you are interested in her artwork.

Can You tell us about Your Process.

I came from a Beautiful World, which presented itself to me early in life. Art was always within me, in so many ways, in everything I saw and touched. I feel like a creator of Expressive Beautiful things, as if God Touched me.

Creativity! Yes! Art is a great Gift! I aim to transform my visions and feelings into my Art.

I create happiness. I can’t wait to go to my studio, express myself, and make things happen. Sometimes I pour the Colors on an Empty Canvas and before me I see all the things I had in my mind.

I like to create themes, with enchanted realities, dream-like, and with absurd beauty. But never losing the soul communication with the viewer when jostling together colorful compositions that are as jolly as kitsch Postcards from Heaven!

I like to immerse the viewer in the false immobility of life’s turbulence and to render the animated presence of Joy!

Everyone has a space within them that waits to be filled with new, yet unknown excitement.

My atelier is a place of simmering drama and lots of fun! 

I begin facing an empty Canvas where I see my thoughts on it!  I don’t have to think long , is ALL there, Rushing from Mind  to hands to creating!

I work very fast! Sparks will fly. My exuberance will give birth to a piece from me to eternity! ! Yeah! Art is Eternal!

My paintings have all the elements to please, to excite, to gravitate toward romantic tendencies, sentimental modernism elegantly exuberant with strong contradictory “oeuvre”.

My gift of making Art stays out of the Dark side of Life. Beauty is what am seeking the invisible becomes visible, A work of Art!

There is anxiety till the moment of hanging my painting! a delicious thing, a tingling reward for all days work I’ve done. The rest is up to the viewer!

How You got started / Who What inspired You. 

I’ve always loved making Art, since I was a little girl. Life Inspired Me.

In my mind I will unfold my future like a Fun in my hands and all I will see is Art Art Art! I was a butterfly with Beating quivering wings, waiting to fly on my own to be part of the Arts.

In Florence Italy in Uffizi Gallery, Renaissance Art was really taking me mentally..The Beauty man can feel, see and Create!!!!  But Modern Artists took my Soul.. Gerhard Richter’s work fascinated me earlier on! Neo Rauch I think is incredible! I adore De Kooning! And Robert Raushenberg! He can take a piece of scrap metal and send awakening lightening into your soul! Didier Faustino’s Combo Art/Architecture, Is a New Interest..

Modern Art transforms the unknown that only you can see, to a known, in a new Universe! 

I’m always trying to compare how other Artists see the world now, and how this effects our Work..

I have no soul sympathy for Artists that depend on technologie only, making Art by wiggling their willies..

I try to connect my Art with the human Spirit I want to see, feel the viewer when the silhouette of a little Girl in white, out of nowhere, shares a smile..The Animating presence here is Joy!

Man has no time, no shores. We fade merely in the flow. Art is Eternal!

Where can our readers find You on line / Where can they purchase Your Work

All Images of Paintings Shown © Copyrighted SOPHIA FINE

“Sophia, this is the wall that connects me with all the Beautiful things I possess. I want you to fill it with your Art and Beauty!” — words a recent client spoke to me. He then added: “When I see Sophia’s Art my heart beats faster!”

MY heart beats faster on such a generous outpouring… I am very Happy to please with my Art, and to create Happiness. Nothing compares with this feeling! I want my colorful compositions to have a mysterious vibrancy and motion.

I elevate the Banal to Exquisiteness.

Life is Beautiful in All forms… Art Is Creator of Beauty. Artists make an extraordinary contribution to life.

Eternity is for Art, not for projects that aim to serve it.

And when all vanishes only Art remains.

Sophia Fine 2012

Thank You Frank, Friend and Fellow Artist, for asking me to express my thoughts through You! Wow, what a privilege! What an Honor!

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5 Comments on “Sophia is Fine (Art) – @SophiaFine”

  1. decorartuk says:

    Very pretty paintings – I love the colours she chooses. Everything’s so vibrant. No doubt that’s 10 out of 10!


  2. beautiful artwork Sophia. frank you sure have a way of taking care of your friends – thanks!!


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