Translating a Stairway | 0307201222542324 — Collaboration by @FC3ZMD @Zorlone @FrankCunhaIII

Photo taken by Frank Cunha III on 3/5/2012 (iPhone4S) - USA - & - Edited by Lorenzo Bernardino using iPhone Snapseed / Camera+) - Philippines

Metallic, silver, and cold.
A contrast of the bold.
Of linear and angulated forms,
this far cry from the norm.

A bright, neon green,
impressive behind the scene.
Of loud and brilliant canvas
screaming opinions before us.

The back blue framed window,
lurking under the shadow.
Embraced by the repetitious design
these playful tricks of the mind.

The solid black rails,
anchored in every detail.
Summarizing the rhymes
of a self proclaimed bard of these times.

Unfinished, enigmatic, and grey
with uncommitted thoughts of play.
This articulate structure,
 painted words designed to capture.

Artwork: Frank Cunha III | Poetry: Lorenzo Bernardino

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Frank Cunha III
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