Barbara Fariña @Babfari Expose – Promo Queen

Today’s Follow Friday Feature….

One of my favorite people to follow on social media is Barbara Fariña from Argentina.  She is a fantastic promoter and loyal fan.

If you don’t know her yet, you should….Maybe she will even help you build your followers on Twitter, Facebook, etc…

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Featured above are some of Barbara’s favorite artists.

1) When did you first get started on social media?

I don´t know really.  What I do know is that it all started with Facebook for sure.

2) How has it changed your life?

Very much. When you understand Social Media, you realize there is another way to seeing and conceiving communication.
And different ways to do it! 

3) What are your favorite top 3 sites?  Name a few others you like.

Every day there are new sites. Some of them you don´t even know for what were created.
But I guess my top 3 are: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. ( I use a lot google +and  youtoube) and one thing is important to say for us, if you don´t have a smartphone stay at home.

4) When did you find out you like to promote other people?  Who/what do you like to promote.

Clarification: I promote artist, art in general. That is what I like to promote but I made different promos to others things. Businesses that have nothing to do whit art! 
The when is something to happen because I like and not to many people promo art and artist.
I came for a family of artist, my father was a filmaker were was young, my aunt is a scultor and painter so is kind in my blood.

5) How do manage your daily life and still able to meet your daily obligations (i.e, family, work, etc.)?

Wow!! Hard to explain and easy to handle. Im a working mother so I am use to multi-tasking and dealing with many things at the same time. Working in a Telecommonication computer industry also gives me a unique perspective and many advantages to do many of the promotions while I am there. 
My Family time is not negotiable. The time I have with them is just for them. My kids and my husband are the most importat in my life!!!

I couldn’t agree more. (previous post)

6) Who are some of your favorite people to follow?

You, hahahaha
Hansol Kim

Twitter: You , @Twitter_Heroe, @rooferxx, @Thony_Soprano and @promogrimes
Facebook: Princess SweetPeaMichael D. Colaner,  Ken Hong Are many more people in all the sites.
I think all people is interesting in some point I love BillyBadBird on FB but I want to kill him TW hahahaha

7) Can you explain the RT concept on Twitter.  It seems many professionals ignore, block, or unfollow the RT’ers, but there are so many out there.

Do you agree that every account on Twitter

And that is a huge mistake. Why? Because the RT is a free promo, when you RT everybody see what you see. Im not to fanatic to RT myself because is not helping to my work unless it is necessary.
In fact some blogger need the RT to get some impact in there page. 
The thing wiht Twitter is… not to many people knows how to handle. 
The problem with the professional is there don´t hire a Social media expert.
If you want a Twitter with multiple timelines, go to twitterdeck, is annoying!

8) Facebook changes and updates – How does it make you feel?

I don´t like at all!   But at least they tell you they going to do make a change.  On Twitter you just find out about the ongoing changes as they happen, it is really irritating.

9) Favorite all time posts, websites, etc.

I don´t have any one favorite. I am always looking to be surprised by something new that catches my attention!

10) How does your family cope with your social media obsession?

My Family always supports me.   Like I said before, I never take time away from them.  And I have my basic ground wire if I go too far– that is my husband!

11) Talk about Empire Avenue, is that a site you enjoy.  Or would you rather talk about Pinterest?

I prefer Pinterest. Empire Avenue is not fun for me. Not yet at least. I prefer Pinterest. You have a lot of material to work with. Im not only do promos a friend of mine give me some work to do and Pinterest is very helpful. That if we talking about wok, the funny thing is you can lern about stuff you can propably never imagen. History, craft ideas, choose an item…

12) Where can my readers find you / follow you online?

Twitter: @babfari
Empire Aveneu:
google+ :

Also Check Out:

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