@LuisDurazo (A Glimpse Into How Other Architects See the World Around Them)

Recently I met an aspiring Architect on Instagram who is able to evoke powerful Architectural images through his photographs.

When I asked Luis Alfonso Durazo Ballesteros (AKA @luisdurazo on Instagram) whether he would like to be featured on my blog he humbly accepted.

One of my personal favorites — Twin parking meters on 104th Street. Downtown Edmonton.

The main reason I like to share his work is because it offers my audience a greater understanding about who I am (as an Architect/Artist) and how I see the world.

Although Luis is able to capture his subjects in a different way, there are similarities that probably exist because of our similar educational backgrounds.

The following is a sampling of his work.  The captions were provided by Luis in his own words.

As you can see from this gallery Luis is able to elegantly capture how Architects see the world around them — symmetries, colors, shapes.  He is able to convey emotion of mind and spirit through his unique vision and creativity.

I am honored to be on of Luis’ colleagues and I look forward to seeing more of his work as he continues to explore, design, and construct the world around him and us.

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Frank Cunha III 
I Love My Architect – Facebook

4 Comments on “@LuisDurazo (A Glimpse Into How Other Architects See the World Around Them)”

  1. Diana says:

    he’s my brother !!!! i’m so proud. we are 3 siblings and we are all architects


  2. Frank,

    I have enjoyed seeing the world through your eyes. I humbly admit that through your pictures I have been introduced anew to art through an architect’s eyes. You are very gifted and I enjoy reading the names you give your pictures.

    This post reflects your humility, encouragement and passion for an architect’s world. You share with great appreciation a fellow architect’s view, who like yourself, demonstrates through these photos an unseen and beautiful world revealed through the eyes of a gifted architect.

    Thank you for sharing this post!

    Laurie Popovich


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