Awesome Modern House by Mima Architects

After a strong finish to 2011 and slow start 2012 (slow only in terms of blogging), I would like to share this really cool project with you.

For those interested in becoming Architects, Architecture Education is offered in an increasing amount of ways. From night school to accredited online degree programs, it is possible to participate in the evolution of structure and design. Design and community inspire learning and technological advancements expand the possibilities for what will stand and what will not. The movement toward a environmentally friendly society also creates a need for students who have fresh ideas and a green thumb, so to speak. In the coming decades, the need for students with the knowledge necessary to convert old buildings into efficient ones will give many a chance at a career that makes an impact on the beauty and function of the world around them.

Designed by Mima Architects, the Mima House has a modular structure and can be divided into rooms with a grid of removable partitions.

This prefabricated house in Portugal costs about the same price to manufacture as a family car (all photographs by José Campos).

Plywood panels transform the windows into walls to create privacy where necessary.

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Frank Cunha III 
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6 Comments on “Awesome Modern House by Mima Architects”

  1. Laura Fisher says:

    I love this! The ability to reconfigure space is wonderful. I live in an 1892 house that was built by an unusual industrialist. Instead of having a ball room on the third floor of the house, he had a science lab instead. Socializing was an important aspect of living in this Victorian gated community, so the first floor of the house was designed with the living room, parlor and courting room as one large space and the dining room had pocket doors to open and enlarge the social space by including the dining room and foyer. French doors could also be opened to include the veranda in nice weather! It was quite unusual for that time period and I’ll bet it was the source of much gossip.

    I get bored with the configuration of my living space and move as a result even though I like the place where I live. I lived in 4 different apartments in one house; one of the twice and one of them three times as my space needs changed through the years. This house would solve the situation quite nicely. I met some artists once who had similar issues about changing needs with living space and built wonderful little temporary houses inside of a large building they owned!


  2. Frank,

    I am coveting these windows, beautiful! The natural beauty that this home is surrounded in, I imagine, must reflect the desire of the architect to have it continuously in view. I love the simplicity of this space and the unique design of the home’s frame.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Laurie Popovich


  3. simple but wondeful home design!


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