Giuseppe Longo Exposé

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of my Twitter/Facebook friends, Giuseppe Longo of  fashion + class & jet lag.  The following is the pre-launch interview.

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1) When did you get interested in fashion, culture, and lifestyle?

I don’t think there ever was a period in time when interest suddenly sparked for fashion, culture, and lifestyle. I feel that I’m continuing with what I grew up; parts of my life since childhood. Dad played Johann Strauss + Beethoven in the car, Mom has always had an impeccable eye for fashion & design. We traveled as a family. I just absorbed and learned from the best.

2) How has social media changed your life?

Interesting enough, it has changed my life. I started fashion + class & jet lag as a Twitter account and it just keeps growing. And I’m soon launching my novel online, which that too, touches on social media. I’ve met some very interesting people as well as made new friends. I’ve also traveled and done some exciting collaborations. Social media is a powerful tool. I get news much faster than traditional media- at the refreshing of a web page.

3) Who are your heroes, who do you emulate?Simply stated, the world is my muse. Like a chameleon, I am who I am because of everything and everyone I surround myself with. I try my best to mirror the world.4) Name a historical figure you would like to meet.

Sofia Loren, preferably to have coffee + a conversation. She’s a symbol of class and elegance.

5) What are 3 basic things everyone should know about fashion?

1| Skinny jeans are not for everyone
2| Tennis shoes and sweats are an eyesore and for sports, not everyday use
3| Confidence is the most important part of your wardrobe

6) How does art inform fashion and vice-versa.

It depends. This question can go in so many directions… Taking it as if art as a whole influences fashion, I believe yes. Perhaps a pattern on a wrought-iron gate will make a great print on a tie or a certain red from one of Botticelli’s paintings could transfer well onto a coat. Also, architecture from a building could transform and give a pair of heels character to really set it apart. So to that extent, art does inform fashion.

And looking at fashion and if it informs art, it is possible. A great example would be the late Alexander McQueen. His designs were artistic brilliance; he enthralled, engaged, and entertained the mind.

7) What are your 3 favorite cities for fashion?

We hope to catch up with Giuseppe Longo of  fashion + class & jet lag soon after he launches his new online novel.

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Frank Cunha III 
I Love My Architect – Facebook

One Comment on “Giuseppe Longo Exposé”

  1. skinny jeans are not for me – i’m a 32 – i wear a 34 – Great Story – welcome to the fashion World Frank


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