Innovation in Architecture (Presented by The Architectural Review)

What does it mean to be an innovator in the field of Architecture? AR provides some insight to some of the masters of innovation in the field of Architecture.


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This month’s Innovators interview, produced in partnership with Hunter Douglas, features Junya Ishigami.

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The AR discuses coincidence, chance and mastering disorder with Brendan MacFarlane in his Paris studio. MacFarlane will join the international jury for the 2011 ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture.

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The Architectural Review presents the first in a new monthly series of Innovators interviews, in partnership with Hunter Douglas, in which a group of internationally renowned architects and designers discuss in depth the theoretical and technological ideas behind their recent work.

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The AR speaks to Peter Zumthor in the second Innovators interview, in partnership with Hunter Douglas.

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This month’s Innovators interview, produced in partnership with Hunter Douglas, features an edited version of a discussion between Zaha Hadid and Architectural Association School of Architecture director Brett Steele.

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Frank Cunha III 
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One Comment on “Innovation in Architecture (Presented by The Architectural Review)”

  1. Frank,

    I enjoyed reading your article on innovation in architecture.

    I find myself in the mirror image of your reflections: I work with people to help them realize their potential for leadership in the practice of collaborative innovation. I help them to architect innovation, as opposed to innovating architecture.

    I have found, over time, that the practices that define architecture apply well to the practice of collaborative innovation, at large: having a vision, yet, at the same time, having a willingness to experiment with ways to achieve that vision through drawing and modeling.

    “Design thinking” is likely not a foreign concept in your world.

    By way of concrete example, I have introduced the concept of the blueprint as architectural metaphor as a way to conceive of and articulate one’s story around the practice of collaborative innovation…



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