A Collection of Twelve Poems
by Poet Carl Watts & Frank Cunha III

Twelve: Ghost Ships in the Night
by Frank Cunha III

Eleven: The Black Leaf
by Frank Cunha III

Ten: Night’s Illusion
by Poet Carl Watts

Nine: Looking Back
by Poet Carl Watts

Eight: Sunset
by Frank Cunha III 

Seven: Standing Still
by Poet Carl Watts

Six: White Space, Female Nude
by Poet Carl Watts

Five: The Letter
by Frank Cunha III 

Four: The Arrival
by Frank Cunha III 

Three: Waiting for the Rain
by Poet Carl Watts

Two: Hot Desiree
by Poet Carl Watts

One: Looking at Life Behind the Eye of the Universe
by Poet Carl Watts

Click Here  for More Poetry.

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Frank Cunha III 
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