Eleven: The Black Leaf (An Autumn Poem)

“A Man In His Life” by Maha Kamel

The Black Leaf (An Autumn Poem)

I was never green,

I was never golden, brown,

Or orange, crisp,

Never magenta,

Or the color of the sun,

At sunset or dusk,

I was always black,

A leaf with no color,

I was never born,

I never needed,

The power of the sun,

What made me grow,

I will never know,

What is sure,

Is that I always was,

And when you die,

I will still be alive,

A single black leaf on this tree of life.

No color near,

No need to fear,

No need for sunlight,

Or her embrace,

I never grew, I just knew,

That void in you,

So cold and black,

This leaf,

Won’t Fall,

It’s suspended here,

For all of time,

The constant that remains,

When all else must change,

I was here when the earth was new and no dust yet lay,

When the winds and oceans grew,

I looked upon with great dismay,

All the pain your kind would bring,

And when the last song is sung,

And the earth a flames,

I will remain, just the same.


Artwork: Maha Kamel | Poetry: Frank Cunha III | More Poetry

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Frank Cunha III 
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6 Comments on “Eleven: The Black Leaf (An Autumn Poem)”

  1. K says:

    Beautiful poem! Love Fall & all the winds of change it brings with it.


  2. artonawingpc says:

    Wonderful poem Frank. Conjurs up colors, scents, tastes and feelings that are typical of fall.
    I love that and also miss that. I do not know how you do all that you do. Your work/passion, keeping a blog, tweeter and your own personal life. It makes you an enigma. Love visiting~


  3. adriana says:

    love it.


  4. I so enjoy reading this poem. I feel like a black leaf sometimes, such a solitary existence.

    I’m glad I’ve come across your work, this is one of the best things about twitter.
    love it,



  5. A beautiful poem, evoking the moods and images of gorgeous fall. I love autumn. I have written a poem on fall hope you can find time to read and comment.


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