Mini Manhattan Carved by Japanese Artist Yataka Sone

I recently read an article on this artist and could not wait to share him with you.  Recently put on display at the David Zwirner gallery in New York, Japanese Artist Yataka Sone used photographic reproductions, imagery from Google Earth, and several helicopter rides to painstaking recreate Manhattan in marble.  Every detail (Central Park, skyscrapers, streets, avenues, and the bridges to the east and west) was recreated to scale.  Read the article here.

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5 Comments on “Mini Manhattan Carved by Japanese Artist Yataka Sone”

  1. Gail Green says:

    Wow, this is painstaking fantastical work that reminds me of a the intricacies of a Bosch painting.


  2. he forgot the ghost ship on the hudson – this was incredible – fantastic – awesome


  3. oh my lord…I can’t get over the incredible detail…have to go read the article you linked and find out more…the smoothness at the base is such marvelous contrast to the textures on top of the buildings…it boggles the mind doesn’t it…


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