Brotherly Love — Loving You is So Easy

8 Comments on “Brotherly Love — Loving You is So Easy”

  1. Mindy Drummond says:

    This is beautiful Frank and shows what family love is all about! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Julie Hinecker says:

    Best FRIEND’S filled with the ABUNDANCE of LOVE!


  3. cath says:

    Kids have the most expressive faces. I just spent time this morning taking shots of my youngest grandson. So much enthusiasm, curiosity, and plain old joy written all over his little face!

    Beautiful shots Frank. And beautiful boys. Thanks for sharing.


  4. awesome – that’s brotherly love


  5. Christi foss says:

    Wow Frank such beautiful boys you have .. You and your wife are so blessed . I have girls all grown up now , but I had 4 brothers growing up life moves fast and they grow up so quick xxxx


  6. fc3arch says:

    Thanks for the comments Christi. Life is so precious isn’t it!?


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