Attention Deficit Disorder – Designing Every 2 to 3 Minutes

A.D.D. may be over diagnosed these days (especially in schools), but during Architecture School one of my professors wanted my friend to see how long I could stay at my drafting table (remember those? I’m dating myself here, although my class may have been one of the last to use them).  After a few minutes I would get restless, now with social media I can work on several things at once which satisfies the A.D.D.

What we discovered (after several all-nighters) was a direct link between where I lived and the airplane “noise” I would hear subconsciously (after living under the flight zone my entire life my consciousness had completely tuned it out).  I used the timing of the flights (every 2 to 3 minutes) to help inform my Architectural design theories.  For example;

Recording Apparatus

New York City Recording Apparatus

Here is a map of where I grew up:

Where I grew up and lived for close to 30-years

A Closer Look

Perhaps this helps shed some light on how I operate!


4 Comments on “Attention Deficit Disorder – Designing Every 2 to 3 Minutes”

  1. Julie Hinecker says:

    I have a LOVE for Airplanes so being in a Flight PATH would be Quite Exciting! How exactly did YOU take this picture? Yes new technology! Where there’s a WLL there’s a WAY! Lots of very COOL stuff to read & look at! Thanks for sharing!


  2. thanks for the closer look


  3. Johnny Rhea says:

    ADD/ADHD is very over diagnosed in society. And it’s not all that bad. I quite agree with the advent of social networking sites and such, but in the fact that a person with a brain who works a ‘bit different’ can multitask rather than be forced to focus on one item.

    I’ve found after years of nursing my condition and training myself to function, that multitasking (A.D.D.) isn’t a disease. It isn’t a horrible condition at all. It boils down to a NEED for more stimulation than any one topic can offer at any one time.

    Doctors offer medications. (after all, MD stands for medicine dispenser, doesn’t it?) For personal experience, I’ve found feeding the condition and utilizing the elevated brain functions tends to bring out a bit more creativity, rather than taking a pill to dumb down. My personal choice is Dr. Pepper, with it’s high calorie content, high sugar level, and all the artificial things I grew up being ‘allergic’ to. Then open up 2+ different projects and go at it. It’s something you can use to your advantage with a bit of practice, hopefully.

    Don’t let it hold you back, use it to drive forward.


    PS: For those of you experienced with this, one soda may seem like a small amount. My soda’s are 64 oz. and provide an adequate amount of fuel. Remember, the brain runs on sugars for the most part.


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