Casa da Música by Rem Koolhaas

Casa da Música (The House of Music) is a major concert hall space in PortoPortugal which houses the cultural institution of the same name with its three orchestras Orquestra Nacional do PortoOrquestra Barroca and Remix Ensemble. It was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas with Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Arup-AFA, and was built as part of Porto’s project for European Culture Capital in 2001 but was only finished in the first half of 2005 and immediately became an icon in the city. The Building engineers were Arup (London) together with Afassociados (Porto). Inside Outside (Petra Blaisse) designed the large 13 curtains, ranging from 22mx15m to 65mx8m, and the gold leaf wood grain pattern on the large auditorium.

Although the opening day concert took place on the April 14 with Clã and Lou Reed, the building was inaugurated on April 15, 2005 by the Portuguese president. The Prime-minister and many other notable politicians and Porto society were present for the concert by the Orquestra Nacional do Porto.

2 Comments on “Casa da Música by Rem Koolhaas”

  1. Casa da Música is something quite amazing! As a portuguese person, I would have never thought that they could built something that big, such a striking presence in the center of an ancient city [of course, there’s still a lot of people who absolutely hate the way Casa looks like a meteorite].
    I suppose that the photo was taken near the window that gives a view to Rotunda da Boavista. A few weeks ago, I got slightly lost in the building, and ended up right there. And, in the moment I looked through the window, it felt so peaceful – after all, there was noise, movement, cars and people at the street and, by the window, there’s only this almost sacred silence. Casa da Música is a stunning project, a great and truly interesting building.
    I know I’m quite suspicious to say so, but it definitely gave a new life to that part of the city and I love it!


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