NJ Sunset from NYC Highline

High above the city streets in NYC the Highline platform becomes an “Outdoor LivingRoom” for the local neighborhood. I was somewhat surprised and amazed by how popular and successful the new elevated park has become. As soon as the weather breaks the outdoor space becomes crowded with families, lovers, and strangers. This is one of the thousands of photos I took on this warm Spring day earlier this year. Hope you enjoy the view!

5 Comments on “NJ Sunset from NYC Highline”

  1. fc3arch says:

    Thank You – It’s a Strange blend of digital pastels, photography, Architecture, Art, Technology, Life, Love, Emotion, Beauty http://wp.me/pSjhX-D6


  2. elmediat says:

    The vivid colours are very effective in this composition. Interesting texture, it suggests an etched or scratched glass plate photograph. Well done.


  3. very beautiful!


  4. Julie Hinecker says:

    INCREDIBLE & Vibrant Colors! I LOVE the Texture!


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