Iconic Modern Building Demolished

In a world of full of disposable commodities and a world filled with lust for the trendy new toy it is no surprise that an iconic school (designed by Charles R. Colbert) which was considered one of the best examples of modern architecture in New Orleans was recently demolished. The World Monuments Fund placed the structure on its World Monuments watch list in 2009 along with the ruins of Machu Picchu to no avail.  We just can’t seem to learn our lesson about preserving our iconic buildings!  Check out the article here.



3 Comments on “Iconic Modern Building Demolished”

  1. I have lived near the Elementary School ten years ago and it’s really sad they took it down. I agree with you, this should have been preserved.
    Where I am from (Germany), we have many laws that protect buildings and maybe the perception of the people needs to change so that laws can be made for the protection of historic buildings and monuments.

    I live in Texas near Dallas and I see the same thing happening here all the time. For CVS pharmacies, Walmarts and wider streets, historic buildings and interesting places are completely eliminated for the sake of convenience. Everything looks the same in my area and when I first moved here, I had such a hard time making my way around because there are no significant landmarks left.

    I am glad someone is writing about it, when I googled this school, there is not much information about it (or protest). Thanks for sharing,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    ..checking out your linked articles now 😉


  2. fc3arch says:

    Thanks Fraziska! Maybe we can learn for the next time something like this happens!


  3. Myself to I destroy an old school . I keep an old blackboard
    We have still amiante in France as bardage or roof.
    We have a special plan . I have acréditation special amiante .


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