[Repost] Virtual Supermarket Allows South Koreans To Shop In Subways With Their Phones

Mega supermarket chain Tesco has designed a virtual supermarket in South Korea in hopes to gain more business than its competitor E-Mart. According to the video below, Koreans are the second-most hardworking people in the world and for them, grocery shopping once a week is a dreaded task.

So, Tesco Homeplus created a virtual store in Seoul subway stations in which the displays and merchandise are exactly the same as the stores. Customers scan the desired product with their smartphone and it then appears in their online cart. The products will be delivered to their door “right after you get home.”

To see how this store-of-the-future works, watch the video below.

[Via Foodbeast]

4 Comments on “[Repost] Virtual Supermarket Allows South Koreans To Shop In Subways With Their Phones”

  1. This is interesting, loved the video. Will future shopping be this way? I am not sure if this would work in every country or place but I think it’s a great idea! Had no idea Tesco was doing it already.
    You have a very beautiful and interesting blog, love it,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress


  2. here is your article in korean – enjoy – i will tweet this for you in korean


    • 메가 슈퍼마켓 체인 테스코는 경쟁 E – 마트보다 더 많은 사업을 얻을 희망 한국에서 가상 슈퍼마켓을 설계했다.주 겁나는 작업하면 아래의 동영상에 따르면, 한국인은 식료품 쇼핑 세계와 그들을 위해 두 번째로 가장 열심히 일하는 사람들입니다.

      그래서, 테스코 홈플러스는 디스플레이와 상품이 정확히 상점과 같은있는 서울 지하철에서 가상 저장소를 만들었습니다. 고객은 자신의 스마트폰으로 원하는 제품을 검색하여 그것은 그들의 온라인 장바구니에 나타납니다. “당신 집에 도착 직후.”제품들은 문을로 전달됩니다

      어떻게 스토어 – 오브 – 더 – 앞으로 작품, 아래의 비디오를 볼 볼 수 있습니다.


  3. Julie Hinecker says:

    What will they THINK of next? Yes, I can see this working for the PEOPLE who are confined or ELDERLY! People Interaction is IMPORTANT as well as being PHYSICAL! Something to THINK about!


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