[Repost] A Mobile Opera House – Pavilion 21 MINI

When I saw this new project I immediately thought of John Hedjuk.

This article was originally Published by Rashed on June 16, 2011

PAVILION 21 MINI Opera Space
 is an experimental performances hall built for the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, Germany. The Pavilion 21 Mini Opera Space creates a space with 300 seats (or 700 standing spectators). Austrian architecture firmCOOP HIMMELB(L)AU have unveiled their revolutionary design of a mobile structure that can be taken a part, relocated, and re-mounted in any other location making the respective urban space distinctive through its shape. The aluminum structure is made up of sharp pyramid-like geometry to maximize the sound’s reflection area.

Here’s a part of the designer’s statement:

“Mass & weight are the decisive criteria for good acoustics. The conception of the Pavilion 21 MINI Opera Space  therefore had to overcome a contradiction; to a design of a lightweight construction which must allow to be dis- and re- assembled quickly, but which at the same time meets the acoustical requirements of a concert hall

3 Comments on “[Repost] A Mobile Opera House – Pavilion 21 MINI”

  1. Gail Green says:

    Wow, fantastic….somewhat like Gehry too…


  2. badass and fantistico!


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