Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier

The chapel of Notre Dame du Haut, designed by (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) “Le Corbusier” is located in Ronchamp. The Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut, a shrine for the Catholic Church at Ronchamp was built for a reformist Church looking to continue its relevancy. Warning against decadence, reformers within the Church looked to renew its spirit by embracing modern art and Architecture as representative concepts. Father Couturier, who would also sponsor Le Corbusier for the La Tourette commission, steered the unorthodox project to completion in 1954.

2 Comments on “Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier”

  1. Gail Green says:

    One of the most beautiful buildings, or should I say, works of art, to which I have ever been!


    • fc3arch says:

      Appreciate your comments! It really is breathe taking isn’t it? — too bad there aren’t more clients like this in the world. It’s amazing what can be created / built with the right combination of trust/respect, design, creativity, craftsmanship, and funding!


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