Eleven: Night’s Illusions

Night’s Illusions

It seems it is all a dream
A pleasant mishmash of confusion
I was fine when I went to sleep
Now the pictures flash like an illusion

Beauty of body very bold
Images sharp over laid in folds
Sensuous, desirable, a story told
A woman’s beauty never grows old

The gentle brush of scented hair
Color, thoughts flashing about
Warmth and excitement fill the air
How will this dream work out?

Another flash, a clashing sound
The alarm set to kill dreams
Brilliant images falling all around
Back to sleep, should I try?

Try learn the girls name?
Get up and start my day?
I suspect I’ll never be the same
Not after meeting, the girls with no name


Artwork: Frank Cunha III | Poetry: Carl Watts | More Poetry

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Frank Cunha III 
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8 Comments on “Eleven: Night’s Illusions”

  1. Cath says:

    Wonderful melding of the visual and written word. Visual illusions. Great collaboration. I shared this on my Facebook page and Twitter.


  2. fc3arch says:

    Thanks Cath – I love to spread my art around the world and am happy that you are assisting me (the Architectist, the perfect amalgamation of Art & Architecture) and Carl Watts (the Poet/Artist extraordinaire). Sending positive energy and love your way! Thanks again!
    Do You Love Your Architect?


  3. Julianne Michaels says:

    Simply wonderful!


  4. Dan Speers says:

    I love the way the lines of the poem create a shape feminine in form, graceful, and suggestive, a hint that even a poem can paint an illusion.


  5. John Franklin says:

    The art and poem are visually awesome!


  6. libithina says:

    Beautiful words and art, stunning Carl and Frank x x Lib


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