Schematic Design for a Private Residence (Edgewater, NJ) Designed by @FC3ARCHITECT

I had an opportunity to design a modern home for a lovely couple in Edgewater a few years ago.  Unfortunately, the project remains un-built.  It was a great opportunity to work on a modern home and although it developed beyond this point (the Richard Meier “white” went away and was replaced with beautiful vertical wood siding and the flat roof was re-analyzed for the region and climate).  I still like the initial sketch I provided for the couple.  Some of the challenges we faced included: meeting the maximum buildable area, not blocking any of the neighbor’s views, working with the existing residence and garage layouts.

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4 Comments on “Schematic Design for a Private Residence (Edgewater, NJ) Designed by @FC3ARCHITECT”

  1. Would love to live in a house like this! =)


  2. Love this design! I just stumbled upon it from another “On the Boards” post. Hope you got the project!


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