Rock Star

It is no surprise that up-and-coming band Sweet Fixmanaged to shut down the FM subway line in mid-town NYC on Sunday afternoon. Mixed with musical talent and great looks these sexy Rock Star divas know how to bring the house down. They’re musical style sounds like “a bunch of cotton candy melting on the engine of your car.” This is only a teaser of the vocalist, Tommy Walker, more to come soon….And look out for the next single “FM Radio” to drop soon.

Postscript– Photography by Dee Portela (Edited by Frank Cunha III)

4 Comments on “Rock Star”

  1. I dig this portrait. Love the gumballs. Sadly, this picture is my favorite part of this band’s music.


  2. Haha…I’m sorry. I was just messing around. :O) Not my bag, but the singer’s got tons of charisma.


    • fc3arch says:

      OK That’s Better! Love Your Pics BTW. Music is very subjective (but I have to agree Tommy does have style no matter what your taste). I like everything from Pantera to Katy Perry to John Coltrane. Go Figure….


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