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Wish Me Luck!

My Entries So Far….

I don’t “normally” (what is normal?) do this but I figured I give it a shot.  The competition is sponsored by AW (Artists Wanted).

Although they give you 20 pics I only decided to upload two for now.

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Preview Image

The Awards

By participating in The Power of Self, you will receive recognition for your work, a free and exclusive See.Me website, and a thank you package with discounts and freebies valued at over $75.

A select few artists will receive life-changing awards.

As the Grand Prize Award Winner, you will receive: one year of your life paid for and much more (see below).

The highest rated portfolio, as voted on by the public will receive a cash award of $2,500 and exposure to tens of thousands of art enthusiasts around the world. Every week we will highlight one participant in the project, if selected your story and portfolio will be made famous.

The Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

One Year of Your Life Paid For*

Imagine taking a year off to create more art, travel the world or change your life in a way that only you can dream of. This is your chance at an award that will allow you the freedom to recreate your life, to write your story in a way that few others are allowed.

The Grand Prize Winner Also Receives:

  • A video documentary produced about you, your life and your artwork that will be seen by tens of thousands. (Click here for an example.)

  • A gala New York City reception. (Click here for images from our previous events)

  • A free life-time See.Me website. See.Me is the simplest way for artists and creatives to host their work online. See.Me is currently exclusively available to the artists of here to see a demo portfolio.

  • The ultimate Self-Portrait. Your own gallery-stretched 18″ x 24″ DNA Portrait provided by DNA11

  • Exposure and publicity to hundreds of thousands of art enthusiasts around the world.

*The yearly salary paid to the artist will be based on the latest estimation of the average artists income from the National Endowment for the Arts, $34,800. This will be paid in 12 monthly payments of $2,900. Payments will begin after certification that the work submitted is wholly created by the artist.

The People’s Choice Award Winner:

Share your portfolio with everyone you can. Your story, your work is amazing and should be seen. The highest voted portfolio will receive:

  • $2,500 cash
  • Publicity and exposure to tens of thousands of art enthusiasts through the Artists Wanted e-mail list and website and partner publications.

Every Week You May Be Selected For:

  • Exposure to thousands of visitors from around the world.

Everyone Will Receive:

  • Feedback on your art from a guest curator and the art enthusiast community.
  • A free website for 60 days powered by the exclusive new site for artists: See.Me.

3 Comments on “See Me”

  1. i shared on my facebook – can i get in on this – i have a seagull foundation and i am an amateur photographer


  2. Wonderful photo’s Frank! Sounds like quite an honor. Congratulations.



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