Cinematic: Torreira Portugal Sunset

Torreira Portugal Sunset

Torreira Portugal Sunset

In February 2010 I dedicated the month to raising awareness for Haiti relief.  I donated 100%+ of the proceeds my photographic art to “Architecture For Humanity” the “Red Cross” and “UNICEF.”  It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life.  I wanted to set an example for my 3 sons that there is more to living than just making money.  This photographic image was the best seller so I am sharing it here with you.  If you are interested in donating you can still do so by visiting my online store gallery and following us online on Twitter and Facebook.

2 Comments on “Cinematic: Torreira Portugal Sunset”

  1. Julie Hinecker says:



  2. fc3arch says:

    Thank you very very much for all the wonderful comments! Truly appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement! It’s friends like you, @sophiafine, @WJMArchitect, @mily116, @purpleleaves13, @billybadbird, @cun245, that keep me motivated to continue in the face of adversity. For that I am eternally grateful!!!


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