Soul City Envelop Design

Soul City 

Art in Architecture

Design Competition

I entered an “Art in Architecture Competition” earlier this year.  You can click here to see my submission which will be showcased this Fall at the Somerset Arts Association in Bedminster NJ.  One of the juror’s was FAIA / NJ Hall of Famer, Architect Michael Graves.
Soul City Website & Blog Entry.

One of the rules of the competition was that a “Statement” envelop and an “Identification” envelop be applied to the back of the board so I designed that too.   Check it out below.  Attention to Detail Matters!

Frank Cunha III – Architect & Visual Artist
Registered Architect, NJ, NY, PA, CT, DE
PO Box 335, Hamburg, NJ 07419
E-mail: fc3arch
Phone: 973.970.3551
Fax: 973.718.4641
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Final Product
Envelop Design
Envelop Attached to back of Design Board
Protection for Design Board

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