FC3 HAITI – Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Friends,

I would like to share the following news about Architecture for Humanity with you.

Immediate Needs:
Currently our field team are looking to fill the following immediate needs urgently. If you can help, please
email us.

1) Diesel SUV (any brand, Toyota easiest to repair and maintain in Haiti)
2) Creole/French Speaking Design Fellows. Please see the design fellow opportunity This is a great opportunity to give back and be a part of the long-term recovery effort.
2) Structural Engineers (on-going). Please
sign-up to volunteer if you are interested.
3) House Share: We’re considering renting house if you are working in the area and want to share accomodation, please
email us. We can let you know what the rates would be.

Team on the Ground:

Our program management team is currently on the ground in Haiti. It includes two regional program managers…. Learn more.

School Site Visits:

Work is beginning on the Haiti School Initiative. Our Haiti team recently paid a visit to Cité Soleil–an extremely impoverished neighborhood of Port-au-Prince–to evaluate the conditions of schools affected by the quake… Learn more.


We’re very excited to be partnering with the
Bezos Family Foundation and Global Nomads Group to inspire students to support and follow the long-term recovery effort in Haiti. We’ll be working with middle and high school students over the coming years. Know a smart kid?

Haiti Inflation
We’re beginning to put together preliminary costing for schools and managing the reconstruction program. Inflation means that our funds will be stretched to the limit.
Milk? $12.

If you are working on costing, email us and let’s share notes.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Our goal is to invite volunteers to support projects in the field starting in the summer. This is contingent logistics and security on the ground. If you read the cost information above, you’ll see that housing and transport are going to be hurdles. If you are interested in going, we’ll be sending a followup email with instructions in the coming weeks. Please look out for it.

Please Note: Architecture for Humanity‘s funding is limited. All volunteers will need to cover the costs of their own travel, food and accomodation. More details to come!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this effort or would like to get involved to help our cause please contact me via text, email, or phone.

Thank you!

Frank Cunha III – Architect & Visual Artist
Blog http://fc3haiti.blogspot.com/
PO Box 335 Hamburg NJ 07419
973.970.3551 / fc3haiti@me.com


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