FC3 HAITI – Art for Haiti "PowerHour" Fundraiser at MiSaVi Raises Nearly $1000 for "Architecture for Humanity" to Help Haiti

$850.00 raised by our friends in about an hour, not bad!!!
Click here for more photos.

Dear Friends,

Our First Event on February 8th, 2010, was a huge success thanks to all of you for coming out and supporting our efforts to raise money for the relief and rebuilding of Haiti!

Click here for information on our upcoming event “M.A.S.H. – Musicians Acting to Support Haiti” on Valentine’s Day-Eve, February 13th, 2010 at Taylors Bar and Grill of Cherry Hill from 5-10 PM. Click here for more information and to RSVP. (Please note: Donations from this event will go to the Red Cross, all other donations will go to Architecture for Humanity unless otherwise noted.)
To see the photos of our First Fundraiser Event and the Photographic Artwork sold please click here.
Great Food courtesy of: Victor M. Cabezas of MiSavi in the Ironbound.
All printing, including giant check posters and flyers by Alpha Graphics of Wayne-Totowa.
Special thanks to Jo Santos for being our biggest fan and for volunteering on Monday night. And thanks to Rudy Martinez and Matthew Schott for taking photographs.

Artwork for Haiti donated by Frank Cunha III (me).

take a moment from a busy hour for a quick photo.

If you would still like to donate for this cause, you can send us an email or buy direct online by visiting our online FC3 Haiti gallery and clicking “Add to Cart” at the upper right hand corner.

100% of the proceeds raise go directly to Architecture for Humanity, 501(c) non-profit organization which is helping bring Architects and Builders together to redesign and rebuild Haiti. For more specific info about this charity please click here.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this effort or would like to get involved to help our cause please contact me via text, email, or phone.

P.S. if you haven’t already please join our Online Groups (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to show your support!
Frank Cunha III – Architect
Blog http://fc3haiti.blogspot.com/
Gallery http://fc3arch.zenfolio.com/
PO Box 335 Hamburg NJ 07419
973.970.3551 / fc3haiti@me.com

5 Comments on “FC3 HAITI – Art for Haiti "PowerHour" Fundraiser at MiSaVi Raises Nearly $1000 for "Architecture for Humanity" to Help Haiti”

  1. Okay, I went through you fantastic Gallery, Frank!–It was so hard to choose.However, I did make a choice.I selected a Print and Used my Visa to purchase i the item.The photo is absolutely stunning. Frank, you are an extraordinary Visionary in this life time.I am so happy to be able to contribute in a small way for the suffering in Haiti. Thank you for always making a difference for those whom are less fortunate in this life time. Frank you are amazing & I pray that God blesses you, Your wife, & three sons for all eternity!-Peace, Harmony, and lots of love,Tana M.


  2. fc3arch says:

    Tana,Thank you! We appreciate your support!Sincerely,Frank Cunha III – ArchitectBlog http://fc3haiti.blogspot.com/Gallery http://fc3arch.zenfolio.com/PO Box 335 Hamburg NJ 07419973.970.3551 / fc3haiti@me.com


  3. You're welcome, Brother Frank =)


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