Relief for Haiti

“Relief for Haiti” Photographic Set now available online (4 pages)

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(Working on setting up a “Art” page as well as “Photo” page.)

4×6, 8×10, 11×17 Prints available. (Working on other sizes as well.)

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Re: Relief for Haiti

A massive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12th. The damage to buildings is extensive and the number of injured or dead is estimated to be in the hundreds, even thousands.

I normally do not send mass emails/posts, however, in this special instance I would appreciate your help in supporting this important effort! Anyone interested in any 11×17 print of my artwork or photographs, please contact me 100% of the proceeds after printing/shipping will be donated to Haiti (Red Cross). Receipts/Acknowledgments of donations made in your name will be provided. If you have any special requests please let me know and I will be happy to accommodate.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


Frank Cunha III

ps If you would like to volunteer to help me with this endeavor please contact me.

Contact Information:
By USPS: P.O. Box 335, Hamburg, NJ 07419
By: E-mail: fc3arch
By Phone: 973.970.3551
By Fax: 973.718.4641

Created: 16 Jan 2010
Copyright © 2009-2010 Frank Cunha III


2 Comments on “Relief for Haiti”

  1. fc3arch says:

    Update: Instead of Red Cross we are looking at using "Architecture for Humanity" for the donations (just had a great conversation with the Founder of this fine group) – ALL the proceeds from the purchase of my Artwork, Photos, and PhotoGraphical Art will be sent there, minus the printing/mailing costs! We will keep you posted as things develop. It has been a busy 24-hours……THANK YOU!!! More information to follow soon…..Please consider contacting me soon….Donations as little as $15, $25, $50 For a great cause!


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